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News Increase In Spice Cases Keeps Dothan Police Busy
DOTHAN | The popularity of synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as potpourri or Spice, has reached epidemic proportions across the city of Dothan. During 2013, 85 percent of the city’s call-outs for narcotic investigators from the patrol division of the Dothan Police Department involved synthetic marijuana. … Read News

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News Navy Labs Randomly Testing For Synthetic Marijuana
Military members are nearly twice as likely to use synthetic marijuana as the natural version. But until now, the synthetic drug – six to 10 times more potent than the weed itself – was much less likely to be detected because the Navy didn't routinely screen for the drug. … Read News

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News Dems Stake 2014 Survival On Class Strife
Democrats are drumming up the class divide to mitigate GOP midterm gains amidst mounting concerns over ObamaCare.  … Read News