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News Dondero: Spicy Afghan Stew Stands Out
When passing Washington, D.C., on family vacation, as we did this year, we stop to see my sister and brother-in-law in northern Virginia. For the last few years our get-togethers include lunch at a favorite restaurant. … Read News

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News Flavors From The Melting Pot: Coq Au Mole
I know a chef, Shelley Wiseman, who has traveled and cooked all over the world. Shelley has cooked in France, where she learned classic French technique, and in Mexico, where she learned the complexity of that cuisine (and owned a school where she taught French cuisine). Yesterday, after I handed her a rooster from the farm that had seen its last day, she combined the French technique of … Read News

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News Grilled Coconut Kale
It may sound strange, but grilled kale is delicious! Pair it with spiced rice and a seafood main course for a light and simple dinner. … Read News