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So you remember Carla's and my little set-to over that Indian place she was desperate to go to in Hillcrest? Twice in two weeks, we turned up too late to get in on the cheap lunch buffet. … Read News

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News New Technology Allows You To Literally Smell PR Bullshit
The upcoming New York Auto show is going to be a big deal for Nissan, and not because of any car reveals or anything stupid like that. It's going to be big because Nissan will be the first carmaker in the history of time to willingly integrate a fragrance into their motor show stand. This is a game-changer, people. Read more … Read News

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News Traveling The Culinary World With ‘The Chew’ Co-host Carla Hall
Carla Hall wants people to travel the globe in their kitchens — and creative use of seasonings is the ticket. Her latest book, “Carla’s Comfort Foods,” promises (in the words of the front flap) to turn “your favorite go-to dish into a culinary trip around the world.” … Read News