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News How Pfizer Helped Make Fake Pot
A designer drug tied to deaths of thousands partially initiated in the labs of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. … Read News

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News Hillsborough Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Illegal, Mislabeled Drugs
A Hillsborough man pleaded guilty this week for selling at least 24 tons of misbranded synthetic drugs through his six California smoke shops and distributing other illegal hallucinogenic-containing products that were deemed unfit for human consumption, according to the Department of Justice. … Read News

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News Two Sultan Teens Hospitalized In One Week After Smoking 'Spice'
SULTAN — Two Sultan teenagers were hospitalized last week after negative reactions to smoking Spice, a synthetic marijuana illegal in Washington but commonly available as insense at many smoke shops. Both teens were at Sultan's City Hall, fire officials said, and were taken to Valley General Hospital in Monroe. Thursday, Colby Taft was back at city hall as he serves a suspension from Sultan … Read News