Spice Pwl Voltage Source

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Computer Club short course on SPICE, April 2002 Piece-wise linear source (for arbitrary-shaped transient): Vxx +ve_n -ve_n pwl(T1 V1 T2 V2 T3 V3 ….) Ti and Vi are pairs of time and voltage values. … Return Doc

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7 Writing SPICE Decks / Netlists SPICE Deck/Netlistis a text description of a circuit Consists 11 •Voltage-controlled voltage source (VCVS) E<label> n+ n-nref+ nref-gain •Current-controlled analysis (.TRAN)-Determines the response of a circuit to a transient signal / source (sine wave, PWL function … Retrieve Doc

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Any spice input file (with an extension .sp) contains four types of statements: Voltage source: Vname Name N1 N2 Type Value . Current source: Iname Name N1 N2 Type Value2 sure there is PWL input. 14 .measure tran tr trig v(O) val=0.1 rise=2 targ v(O) val=0.9 … Retrieve Content

PDF file Release U-2003.03-PA, March 2003 TM
Piecewise Linear (PWL) Source Function . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5-17 SPICE netlisters flatten all subcircuits, and rename all nodes to VIN 2 0 PWL 0NS 0 2NS 5 4NS 0 5NS 5 $change the input source .OP VOL $node voltage table of operating … Access Doc

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SPICE is a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear Independent Voltage Source WinSpice Tutorial 10 PWL (< v1 > < t1 > < v2 > < t2 >< vn > < tn > Which means the voltage of the source at < tn > is < vn >. … Doc Retrieval

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Result (Graphical) Sources DC Source Vdd vdd gnd 2.5 Piecewise Linear Source Vin in gnd pwl 0ps 0 100ps 0 150ps 1.8 800ps 1.8 Pulsed Source Vck clk gnd PULSE 0 1.8 0ps 100ps 100ps 300ps 800ps SPICE Element R Resistor C Capacitor L Inductor K Mutual Inductor V Independent voltage source I … View Full Source

PDF file SPICE And Mixed Mode Simulation
Voltage Controlled Switch Notes.. 114 Voltage Controlled Voltage Source Piece-Wise Linear Source.. 117 PWL File Source SPICE2 and SPICE3 can be found in "SIMetrix vs SPICE" on page300 A Short History of SPICE SPICE … Return Document

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The voltage of the source is a known given value, but is on both sides of the equation, which forces an iterative solution: a starting value for is guessed and at the Q-point, this approximate circuit has the same small-signal circuit at the Q-point as the real diode. Dual PWL-diodes or 3-Line PWL model … Read Article