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News ‘Spice’ Trade Puts Students At Risk
A University department is trying to learn more about synthetic marijuana. Tiffany Martinez, health educator for UNM’s Campus Office of Substance Abuse and Prevention (COSAP), said her department is conducting more research on ‘spice. … Read News

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News What's In Spices? Bug Parts, Rat Hair
You may inadvertently be getting more than you bargained for when you put paprika in your chicken paprikash. … Read News

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News Tricks & Treats (Darts & Laurels Halloween 2013)
Happy November, y’all. Here’s to hoping your candy hangover — or that other kind of hangover — isn’t painful enough to distract you from the fact that only 17 days of classes stand between you and Thanksgiving Break. Soon it’ll be time to retire those pumpkin spice lattes in favor of the real star: salted caramel mocha (Ed. note: it's true). … Read News