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News Distinguished Discourse: Segan Explores The Cuisines Of Different Cultures
Francine Segan has a penchant for research and sharing information, but little did she know that it would lead to a second career. … Read News

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News Healthy Eating During The Holidays
For many people, the holidays involve indulging in buffet tables loaded with lots of fattening, processed foods and sugary sweets. For those of us who strive the rest of the year to eat a healthy diet while leading busy lives, it can be a challenging time. … Read News

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News Clare: Old-fashioned Attitudes Help
I am still working on “greening” my home, a bit at a time. My kitchen has no Teflon remaining, and most plastics are phased out (replaced by ceramic, enamel, stainless steel). I’ve more than halved my paper towel use by switching to cloth kitchen towels and napkins for most purposes. A word of warning though: don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners on these. Residue is left that gets onto our … Read News